In the vein of …

The wicker chair holds the door back –
it might close from the wind made by the fan

The whirr of the fan fills the room
but there are occasional scrapes

and steps from below
where the cleaning man is doing his job

Not much else is happening today –
I’m glad, it goes with my almost immobile

stupor not long after breakfast out
at C’era una volta il caffè,

where they were playing The Boss’
mellow I’m on Fire

Yes, that’s the kind of fire I’m on
in this torpid Roman morning heat

Author’s notes
C’era volta il caffè is a typical Italian breakfast and lunch bar in the Laurentina area of Rome, Italy. I’m on Fire is a song by Bruce Springsteen released in 1985. The poem In the vein of … is an attempt at uniting Rabindranath Tagore and Bruce Springsteen.


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