Bluebeard’s Daughter by Louis Couperus

This story is about Bluebeard’s daughter from his first wife and she is considered an outcast being Bluebeard’s daughter.  Bluebeard had a reputation of killing his wives and that is a French folktale that many readers will be familiar with. Now Fatma, the daughter marries several times and all her husbands die.The government officials take notice and question her regarding her husbands deaths, considering her legacy. Fatma tells the officials that all of them are alive and that she simply desires to have many husbands. She is arrested and executed for being immoral.

What this story shows is the double standards that as a society one adopts. She was accused of murdering her husbands but when found alive; she is executed for desiring several.  The society would doom her nevertheless for the course she takes.

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