My God


The collective conscience of a nation
Searching for God
Did that lead you anywhere?
Oh don’t dare answer with a nod!

They were all busy assigning ram and raheem based on your sartorial choices
The feigned heartbeats
The choking of all voices
Till they turn you into a chorus

The world’s religion is to make clones
Out of humans
They say God created us
And our spirit is one with Her
Then why are you trying to be my spokesperson
Why are you being my God’s faded version
Back off you maulwi, pastor and pundit
I have my own ways to reach out to Her
That needs not your scripture nor wit

I find Her in the little kid that walks down the lane with a stray dog
So don’t you clog
My mind that sees Her in the mother who strives hard to feed a family with her meagre income
My God isn’t a mere statue in your temple
That thrives on your guilt and fear
Don’t mar Her image and turn Her so trivial


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  1. Neeta Sinha Dec, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Very true and well written!

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