I know you fear love and
you fear being loved for they
could walk out on you when
they are all you have and I know
why you flinch when you see
me in sleeves too long for me
and coats too big and I know
I have had a tendency to hide
broken pieces under the couches
but I never stopped you from flopping
down on them when you were tired
and you needed to stretch your legs
and oh, I know why I scare you and
why you despise sharp ends around
me and why pharmacies have always made
your neck itch with the sweat pooling in
as you can’t help but see what those little
pills could do to your family and I know
how sacred family is to you and what trust
entails with you and what all I could do to
make you never look back again but I know
when I would turn my head you would glance
at my retreating frame wondering where you
went wrong and why the sleeves came on back
again but it was cold and it was snowing and
the sleeves were a burning need but didn’t
I say I would give them up if I had your arms
around me?

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